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Conditions of Use

##  These are the procedures for overseas customers. 

Residents of Japan please refer to our Japanese website:


 We will pack and ship the order as soon as confirmation of payment is received.  If all items are in stock, you should receive the shipment in about a week.  If any of the items are not in stock, or part of the order needs processing, delivery will take longer.

 * Low order Fee; (minimum order charges)

 For orders totaling less than US$ 100, a minimum order fee of $20 will be added to the invoice amount.

 # Shipping Charges

 Our preference is to ship by EMS (Express Mail Service), but Economy Air can be used according to the order.  Other shipping methods will be considered for heavy woodblocks.  Shipping costs are added to the invoice, no matter how much you might order.

It does not include the tariff applied on imports in each country.

Our automatic calculation system will estimate the actual shipping cost based on the destination and weight of the goods.

 # Payment:

 We prefer payment through Paypal, but can also accept credit cards, if you don't have a Paypal account. 

For the total payment, commissions related to overseas transactions are included in addition to the item price and shipping fee. (packing fee, remittance fee, guarantee fee, document fee, etc.)

For the convenience of automatic calculation of the system, the fee is incorporated into the item price and shipping fee.

* It may stop sending to countries that have too many troubles or complaints.

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